Powerplay Studios Custom Corporate Gift Design

Have an idea you can't find? We can have anything made that you can think of. Let us turn your dreams into realities. Contact us to discuss your ideas and let us go to work for you. With low minimums, we can create beautiful custom corporate gifts to fit your budget and deadlines. Over the years, our staff has created unique one-of-a-kind designs that have never been made before. Such as these leather business cards and case we designed and made in Italy. We are more that just distributors of other companies' products. We are creative-minded artists who can help you stand out from the barrage of cheap run-of-the-mill gifts people get (and throw away) every day. Give them something they will use and never ever get rid of. Give them something you are proud to have your company logo on.  Call us now and ask how we can help you make your ideas (or ours) into a reality.